Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day Two: 28 February 2010

Brandon and I were busy assembling cheap press-board furniture for the office.

Day One: 27 February 2010

For Day One, I had to include two of my favorite subjects, our cats, Mia and Spitz. They are indoor cats so the occasional trip out on our balcony is a treat for Mia. Spitz is admiring the view from the window. The shallow depth caused his mohawk to be out of focus, but he is still so handsome.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A lovely home for my camera

My new passion for photography has not helped my love of shopping, particularly for purses and bags. Camera bags have come a long way since my first film SLR camera.

Besides my old Tamrac camera bag that houses my film SLR, I have two other bags that serve different purposes.

I absolutely love the look of my Jill-e bag, but it is a bit bulky and not really practical for traveling. I originally had my heart set on the black medium leather bag, but quickly realized it was much larger than what I was looking for. I ended up finding the small Bone bag on Adorama for a great price and decided to go for it. I was pleasantly surprised to see how big the bag was in person and how easy it was to get to all my gear. The bag can hold my body and all the lenses that I currently have (4) with room to spare for batter charger and other small accessories. I can't wait to use this bag at future family and social events, it is really cute and holds everything I need.

My Tamrac Velocity 7x is the perfect bag for lugging my camera and gear around the world and not being too bulky. While it only fits the body w/attached lens and two other lenses, it is a bit tight. The shoulder sling pack makes it perfect for traveling to larger cities where I want to keep my gear close to me as I trek around the city. The zipper top open towards the body and keeps contents safe from any potential thieves. On my recent trip to Barcelona I used this bag as my camera and purse. I kept my wallet and money inside the compartment with my gear and didn't have to worry about it getting stolen. At the same time, I was able to switch out lenses and access my camera without issues. While I can't take all my gear with me in this bag, it lets me bring my camera and a couple of lenses, which forces me to limit my gear while I travel around (that is a good thing).

My camera bag wish list continues to grow as more and more designers come out with some great bags. I love the bags that do not look like your traditional camera bag but still carry all the gear you need. Here are a couple of my wish list favorites:

About 2-3 times a week I go to the Epiphanie bags website to look at their bags, I love them. Unfortunately, I can't really justify buying one of these bags right now considering my other two bags have barely been broken in. These bags are exactly what I pictured my perfect bag to be, and is what I had expected my Jill-e bag to be. Not that I don't love my Jill-e bag, but I want something a little more purse-looking and not quite so wide/bulky. I prefer the single top zipper on the Epiphanie bags over the double zipper on the Jill-e. While I love the Lola bag, I will most likely get the Ginger. I want a bag that doesn't scream, "I'm a camera bag, with lots of expensive gear", or one that doesn't scream at all. Not that the Lola bag is loud, but a red bag draws more attention than a brown one, plus I think it will match more of my outfits. Someday...

Etsy seller gypsyrosehandbags makes a wide variety of really cute camera bags that can also fit a laptop and other accessories. I plan to pick one of these up in the next few months for when I travel and want to carry both my laptop and camera. This will be the perfect carry-on for flights. They are really cute and her prices are very reasonable.

Etsy seller bankgrrl at makes this cute bag that I absolutely love! I would love to have this bag to carry around town or to events when I don't want it to be completely obvious that I am lugging around a bunch of camera gear. My Jill-e bag serves this same purpose so I am not sure when, or if, I will pick up this cute bag. :( But because I love it so much, I have to leave it on the wish list.

Love them all!