Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another trip to the Weinstrasse!

Since the Weinstrasse is so close to our house, it is the perfect day trip on a lazy weekend. So we headed out for another trip with some friends and came back with another 3 cases of wine and some pictures from our trip.

I can already see that I definitely need to work on my white balance, and probably should get my computer/monitor calibrated.

Exp. 1/800
ISO 320

Exp. 1/50
ISO 2500

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Avoiding housework!

Since I am trying to avoid doing housework on this lazy Sunday, I have decided to update my neglected photo blog. It's not that we haven't traveled to some great places or that I haven't taken any photos, but basically, I've been lazy.

During one gorgeous weekend, we headed to the Deutsche Weinstrasse (German Wine Road), which is not far from our house. We took a wrong turn and accidentally headed up to the Hambacher Castle, so we stopped for some photos.

In the town of St. Martin, we stopped for a weinprobe (wine tasting) at one of the little shops. I got this shot of their stacks of wine bottles and crates that they had in the shop.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we headed to Brussels and Amsterdam for some sightseeing with friends. This was my second trip to both and Brandon's first. It rained the entire time in Amsterdam so I have almost no pictures from our time there, but here are a couple from Brussels.

Chi-Chi's is extinct in the United States and one of my favorite restaurants, so when we saw a Chi-Chi's in Brussels, we had to stop. After years of living in Europe, I don't feel bad when we stop and eat at "American" restaurants. And trust me, we most definitely enjoyed the local food and drinks in Brussels...yummy chocolate and chips! Apparently I was too busy eating to get some good shots of chocolate and chips/frites. But here is a photo of the wonderful Chi-Chi's margarita.

Brussels is famous for their beer, and there was definitely no shortage of fabulous beers in this city. There are literally hundreds of beers to choose from in this city.

There was some great graffiti near one of the pubs we ate at, so I had my friend pose for a shot in front of it. She did her best "Tyra" pose for me!