Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gerhard’s gear.

I’ve mentioned before that Brandon and I love going to flea markets to look for vintage cameras and other treasures. One of our recent finds was an old camera case full of photography gear.  We were so excited when we found this little collection that includes lenses, filters, magnifiers and other things that I still have to figure out.

One of the things I love most about this kit is the thought that it was pieced together by a man named “Gerhard” who, like me, loved photography.  The case has an IATA sticker on it with some of Gerhard’s information and indicates that he flew and traveled with his camera.   The mix of various brands of lenses and accessories makes me imagine that he pieced this kit together over the years.  The only thing I can really be sure of, is that at one time the case was owned by a man named Gerhard, the rest is just speculation.  But it is fun to imagine that Gerhard traveled the world with his camera, taking fabulous photos.  That he was similar to me and just a hobbyist who was excited to combine his love of travel with his love of photography.  Either way, thank you, Gerhard, for passing on your wonderful kit to me and I hope that I get a chance to use it very soon!



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