Monday, September 5, 2011

Amazing Berlin!

Brandon and I headed to Berlin for Labor Day and were greeted by amazing weather, a wonderful city and some truly memorable sites.  Due to the history of East and West Berlin, the city is fairly spread out, but we just put on our comfy shoes and had a great time walking all over the city to the various Platz’s (city squares), sites and monuments. 

Berlin-44-1No trip to Berlin is complete without a trip to see the wall.  This portion of the wall is still standing near the Topography of Terror, which is a place I would highly recommend visiting.  The photos and displays were incredibly interesting and very eye-opening.

Berlin-194-1I love the contrast in the architecture of the Reichstag Building which holds the German Parliament.  The dome was damaged by fire and was rebuilt in a more modern style.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to tour the inside because you have to schedule a tour in advance due to security, but it was still really remarkable from the outside.

Berlin-216-1I guess this is the Berliner version of hanging out at the beach.

Berlin-209-1The inside of the Sony Center.

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