Monday, April 25, 2011

Some shots from the Meopta TLR Flexaret Automat

Shooting with the Flexaret was so different from anything I have ever shot before.  While the settings were pretty easy to figure out, just lining up the shot in the viewer completely threw me off.  The Flexaret is a twin lens reflex camera and you have to look down at the viewfinder to see what is in the frame.  Because I am so uncoordinated, the mirror-effect in the viewfinder made it difficult for me to line up the shot.  It was difficult to get my mind to move right when I wanted to get more in the left side of the frame.  I was not used to that at all.  I will say that the picture in the viewfinder was incredible.  The image is so crisp and looks almost 3D.  I just wish I was able to translate that image onto the film. 

Since this was the first time using this camera and we were simply trying to figure out how this particular camera shoots (and if it even worked), I guess I shouldn’t be too disappointed.  The camera seems to over-expose a bit so I will have to remember that the next time I shoot with it and adjust my settings.  The day was sunny, but it also created a bit of a haze that definitely shows in these photos. 

Here is a shot of the actual camera (taken with my D300s), and the others are taken with Flexaret.  The first two shots are of Thingstatte, an old Nazi amphitheater in our area and the last one is monastery ruins next to Thingstatte.  Each roll of 120 film can take 8 frames in the Flexaret.  However, considering this was my first time using the camera, I lined up the film wrong and was only able to get 6 frames from this roll.  Not the greatest, but I am happy with them considering this was a test roll for this camera.



89450002editLooking up from the stage of Thingstatte at the seating.

89450006Monastery ruins

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