Sunday, January 30, 2011

52 week photo project: Week 4

As I said last week, Brandon and I decided to play tourist in our town and visit some of the places that we take for granted.  One of those places is definitely the Heidelberg Castle.  It is too easy just to admire it from afar and keep telling ourselves that we’ll visit it again someday. 
In the numerous places I have lived, there are always one or two places that I have passed by and always wanted to go visit, but never did.  Who knows if I’ll ever be back to those places or if they are even still there, but we are trying to make it a point to visit the places that we want to go and not hold it off.  We have a little over a year left here in Germany and our to-do list is long, so I guess we need to start working on it! 
-Visit Heidelberg Castle together (we have been there separately)----check!

The Castle grounds
Overlooking Heidelberg
A couple of the huge wine barrels within the castle.
Huge wine barrel But not quite as big as this one!
One fo the many cool doorways on the castle grounds
A bit of a repeat from my SOOC Sunday post above, but this is the same photo with a tiny tweak of editing in LR.

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