Monday, January 3, 2011

The quest for Mexican food continues...

After living abroad for so many years, one of the things we miss most about the States is good Mexican food. Not only are they hard to find over here, but most of them are sad attempts at good Mexican food. My local taco and nacho shop uses flour dough "tortillas" and ground meat seasoned with cinnamon. Topping choices include yogurt-cucumber sauce and goat cheese...I'm pretty sure that the Turkish guy running it has never had a real taco or he would never try to pass that off as a taco. And even though my husband loves the place, I cannot bring myself to waste my calories on something that is not a real taco. To get our fix, when Brandon and I travel we always try to find a Mexican restaurant and test out the local interpretation of Mexican food. It generally leads us to meeting some interesting people and sometimes we get lucky and find some amazing Mexican food in the middle of Europe. We've met a lady from Texas who met a Greek guy while on vacation and now lives on the island of Santorini, and this time we met a Parisian who moved to Chamonix, France and now runs a Mexican restaurant, hotel and club all rolled into one. He had a pretty cool staff and the food wasn't half bad.

I loved their Chamonix-stamped wine racks/crates that they had on their walls and had to get a shot of them.

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